Winter Camp

The winter camp was a totally different experience compared to the summer camp, but this being in a very good way. Compared to summer camp, winter camp had much fewer people, helping us to develop closer links towards each other and allowing our confidence to grow. This year, Winter Camp 2013 took place at Abhedashram in Wales, and our timetables were jam packed with loads of activities such as Hatha yoga, having many benefits such as helping us to relieve stress, promoting deeper relaxation whilst still providing physical exercise. We also had Q&A sessions with Maheshwaraji which allowed me to be fulfilled by answers to the intriguing questions I wanted to ask. We also had meditation sessions every day which allowed me to calm down after a long day and help me to gain greater energy in the morning. That wasn’t all, we also take part in debates which also allowed my confidence to grow. On top of that, we took part in lots of fun activities such as sports outside in the fields, fun games and even a film on one of the nights! We also went for a walk in the countryside, which was very close to where we stayed. I really liked the peaceful setting around us. Overall, I thought Winter Camp 2013 was a fantastic experience, and I would recommend any youths to come along next year and take part.
Nisivitaa Sockalingam (12)

Whilst Winter Camp usually has much fewer people than Summer Camp, and with many of my close friends not attending, I wasn’t too sure of what to expect - however, when I left Winter Camp, I felt happy that I made the right decision to attend. We went to Maheshwaraji’s Abhedashram in Welshpool, in Wales. Taking part in Pranayama and Hatha Yoga every morning woke me up completely after an early start at 6am (to the sound of Vikram’s annoying alarm), personally giving me great benefits, giving a great start to the day. The food there was also great! We went for a walk in the countryside, which for me, was the first time seeing nature in Wales, whilst getting ourselves wet and muddy added to the fun. We had debates and games which meant the younger campers like me could always get involved in and develop my confidence. We then asked questions to Maheshwaraji. A big thank you must go to the Volunteers who looked after all of us (and also whilst I felt slightly ill!), and also to this year’s camp leaders, Arthi and Abhishek, and of course to Vandhana Aunty, for helping to organise a great event. Maheshwaraji had a programme ready made for us so we knew what to do which helped me. Thank you to the people who made it such an exciting and a beneficial experience.
Niranjan Sockalingam (13)

I thought winter camp this year was great. I thought that everyone was very helpful and the activities we did were amazing like the debates. Even though I was not very good at meditation I still found it fun. The meals were also really nice and so was the accommodation. The adults were also very nice. And it was good that we only had to wake up at 6:30. […]Also I liked that there was a small group because it made the activities easy and better. I would definitely recommend it to anyone without a doubt.
Sachin Subramonian, Age 12