­New Projects Yagshala

                                                           Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha

Balaji Temple is building a Yagshala on its premises. It will consist of three homa kundams, thus enabling multiple families to perform rituals such as marriage ceremonies and first birthday homams etc. This will be the biggest Yagshala in UK. Yagshala is being built in response to the increasing number of homams or yagyas being performed at the temple. Last year, devotees conducted more than 1,000 homams at the temple. You have an unique opportunity to be one of the sponsors of Yagshala for a minimum donation of £1,001. Payments can be made either in lumpsum or in 12 monthly installments of £84. Sponsors will be invited as Yajman at the grand opening of the Yagshala.