Consecration of Swami Ayyappan

Pancha loha murthy of Swami Ayyappan will arrive at the temple from India by middle of August 2013. Kumbhabhishekam (the consecration ceremony) will start on Friday, 13th September and will culminate on
Sunday, 15th September along with Onam celebrations on the same weekend.

Swami Ayyappan is the divine child born to Lord Maha Vishnu and Lord Shiva. The story goes back to Mahishi daughter of Karamba and sister of Mahishasura who was killed by Chandikadevi (Mahishasuramardhini). To avenge the death of her brother Mahishi performs a severe penance and Lord Brahma blesses her with the boon of not getting killed by any one except by the son born to Lord Vishnu
and Lord Shiva. Cursed by Durvasa Muni the Devas were struggling under the atrocities by Mahishi. In desperation they all seek help of Lord Vishnu and he suggests that the only way to get rid of the curse is secure Amrutham. After a great battle with Asuras they secure the Amrutham but Asuras snatch it from them.
Lord Vishnu goes to Asuras in disguise as Mohini and rescues the Amrutham and brings it back to Devas.
Lord Shiva went to see Lord Vishnu who was in the guise of Mohini. He succumbed to her beauty and out of their union the divine child was born. He was named as Dharmasastha. He grew up in Kailasam.

Lord Shiva answered the prayers of King Raja Sekhara (descendant of Pandya Dynasty) and ordered Dharmasastha to take the Avatar of Ayyappan.

The significance of 18 divine steps:– The first 5 steps depict Bhoomi, Agni, Jala, Vayuvu & Akaash. the next 4 steps represent Karmendriyas, steps 10 to 15 represent Gnyanendriyas, the 16th for mind, 17th for intelligence and the 18th for Jeevathma Bhava.